All about the blog

All about the blog

If you came here I guess you read a few articles by now and asked yourself some questions. Here I will try to fill that white spaces with the answers you’re looking for.

Why am I writing in English?

I know that the readers of my blog are mainly my friends and most of them are Romanians so writing in our native language would be easier, but there are a few reasons why I chose English:

  • I like the language
  • I studied English during school & college and I feel I’m losing it. Words and expressions don’t come so easy now
  • I want to encourage everybody to learn English as it is spoken almost everywhere in the world (except for France)
  • I’m thinking that some readers may come to my blog from a search result leading to a tutorial or a review and they might not know Romanian

Why is the design so simple?

I like to keep things simple and very easy to use. I want you to find your way around the blog as quickly as possible and have no trouble reading the articles.

In addition, it’s a challenge I took on. In the creation process I didn’t want to use Photoshop or any graphic editor to create a layout. I don’t want to use any images in the design and the more technical of you will see that everything is rendered with pure CSS and JavaScript.

What kind of articles do I write?

The articles you can read on my blog include:

  • reviews on gadgets and other things that I get my hands on
  • tutorials for web designers (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop)
  • personal views regarding people, events etc.
  • driving tips

If you have other questions or suggestions, please use the comment form below to message me.

27 Feb 2013

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  • Marius16/07/2013 23:14
    Good luck! You have now an extra follower on your blog. :)